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Promotions and Assignments | 16/03/18 - C. Drew - 16-03-2018

To: 539 Assault Squadron Personnel.
From: Maj. C. Drew
Subject: Promotions and Assignments.
Date: 16/03/2018


The following people have passed their Phase Two:
Rct. H. Bem,
Rct. R. Zali,
Rct. R. Jem,

The following people have been assigned to Charlie 1-1:
Rct. H. Bem - AT Rifleman
Rct. R. Zali - Grenadier
Rct. R. Jem - Gunner

The following people have been promoted:
Rct. H. Bem - Mne. H. Bem
Rct. R. Zali - Mne. R. Zali 
Rct. R. Jem - Mne. R. Jem

Thank you and Congratulations.

Maj. C. Drew,
Company Commander.