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  •    You must be 16+ and have a mature mindset to apply.
  •    No lying about anything unit related, for any reason. 
  •    We are a mature community, if you cannot handle explicit language then maybe you should keep looking.
  •    Be mature, if someone is giving you grief, ignore them and report them.
  •    Be civil, if you have a problem with someone, sort it out like adults or try to ignore them.
  •    If it becomes a problem, then one of you will have to leave.
  •    No posting on threads that have no relation to you whatsoever.
  •    No irrelevant replies/posts on threads.
  •    Try to keep updated on what's posted/going on.
  •    If there is a poll that effects/interest you, Please Vote.
  •    Have your say in the things that go on.
  •    Please be polite in replying and posting.
  •    No unwanted bitching. We have a hurt feelings report for that.
  •    No Racist/Sexually Explicit Avatars. (This includes hate propaganda of any form)
  •    Have a decent Mic, we don't like static/PC fans.
  •    Only poke Admins/Users if it's important or they are your friends.
  •    If someone doesn't wish to be bothered, do NOT bother them.

  •    Stick to your issued kit.
  •    No Friendly Fire/Team Killing.
  •    Follow the orders given to you by your NCOs.
  •    Stick to the given ROE.
  •    In the field you refer to people with their correct name/rank.
  •    Rely on your common sense!

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539 Assault Squadron, (, is in no way associated with the real 539ASRM or the Royal Marines.

The 539 Assualt Squadron was founded in January 2015 and is based upon the British Royal Marines. We strive to be a realistic unit, operating properly in the field, while also aiming to have fun and create an enjoyable enviroment to shoot terrorists. We play missions against AI that are lead by the zeus which shapes dynamic, fresh and always challenging scenarios for the different sections and forces to enjoy.