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Opinions - Zeus Cruelty?

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To: 539 Assault Squadron Personnel.
From: Maj. C. Drew
Subject: Opinions on Zeus Cruelty.
Date: 11/04/2018

Evening all,

After watching a few videos from the well-known "Liru the Lance Corporal", and after listening to feedback. I've come to the conclusion that I need to be more cruel as a Zeus. Are people happy for me to test the boundaries this Friday and Saturday op? Some ideas and in-depth feedback would also be appreciated.

Maj. C. Drew,
Company Commander.

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Give me Zeus, I'll make them cry.

Edit: Punish me daddy [Image: wink.png]


You need to lead the troop, not kill them Tongue


I support wholeheartedly the idea of you becoming more cruel as the Zeus. For the past 4 weeks I have observed very little AI contact, to the degree where a single marine has said to fire only 4 rounds from his magazine. This would not be an issue at all, if there would be other activities to keep people busy with side activities, however, this has not been the case. Having someone standing guard in a watch tower or keeping the ARD for an hour straight with nothing happening cannot be called a side activity.

While I strongly support more AI contact, ultimately I would like to see downtime during the sessions to be less. If having many things to shoot at not fitting the storyline or scenario, alternative activities (based on scenario and map) could be made to actively engage people. For example, as we operate currently in Afghanistan, mine clearing, defusal, or even hostage situations could spice up the sessions from the "I sit for an hour before I see a guy to shoot at which was taken by the marksman and now he is sitting too" situations. When it comes to cruelty as a Zeus, I would understand this as making the scenario simulation in Arma more relatable to real life. Meaning, that instead of having butterflies and goats turned into ISIS IEDs, the threat of having an IED nearby to be constant on a battle zone, to make sure players are on their toes. It may be difficult to pre-place all of the threats, therefore dynamically setting a trap as the Zeus sees fit in a way that it is not predictable but also something the player may avoid with their skills. In other words, don't put an IED at somebody's feet and expect them to been able to avoid it.

I have also heard that your network connection has been acting up lately and it has shown as disconnects during the operation. Depending on whether you may have further problems with Arma itself or with network, losing the primary Zeus without backups will immediately result in downtime once placed units are destroyed. Therefore, I would like to suggest having a secondary Zeus if possible to help keep the general situation of operations to be as dynamic as possible without the need of you sacrificing Zeusing time to roleplays, which I really enjoy! There are many ideas that I would like to share but due to time limitations I cannot in this single post, but perfectly fine some day in TS.


I generally think that the amount of AI contact which we have had in these past mission was right, however I would like longer firefights/contacts. I understand people not wanting downtime, in the spirit of MilSim I would ask to avoid turning OPs into 3h slaughters killing 100s of enemy combatants.
Instead I believe the way of doing it is have a few small scale but punishing firefights or larger firefights against more numerous but also more dangerous foes. Evaluating the AI performance as well as decreasing engagement distances will help immensely. Anything over 300m and the AI turns into targets that are not threatening in any way given the abundance of magnifications available. Not to say that we shouldn't have those, it doesn't make sense for a modern fighting force not to use them but I think the enemy has to react to this, use ambushes and enclosed environments to their advantage.

Also, IMO one thing to avoid is running around in RC'd units and throwing grenades everywhere and screaming while doing it as well as overusing suicide bombers etc. Any threat that the players cannot influence (i.e. artillery and suiciders) should be used sparingly and carefully when the moment is right. Mortars IMO are fine as long as there is a way to eliminate the threat.

Additionally, I believe that given the nonexistance of death during OPs makes people care less. Either increase the likelyhood of it or punish injuries more (Medevacs, etc.). I think the latter is the better option.


Doesn't have to be more cruel, but maybe increasing the amounts of contacts, making the operations more "fun" and "active", maybe make more "objectives" or make it more dynamic, we always have a lot of downtime just watching over a hill or an entrance to a base and nothing happening and all of a sudden a big boom or rpg, and not just fucking us over with suicide bombers or such, it gets kinda frustrating just getting bombed..

I have asked Smith to even change role, as we have 3 UGL in our section and we hardly use it as there isn't enough contacts to shoot at, I take a lot of ammunition too, smoke grenades and such to prepare for big firefights and they I end up using 2-3 mags and no smokes as there is nothing to do, for example the day where we assaulted the base, it was good at start, everyone scouting, getting info, but once we breached the compound if was just boring, making a ARD and one squad came and got fucked quite fast and then nothing happened, we got suicided bombed and that's it..

Another suggestion is getting someone else to main Zeus or make someone else the HQ, as you do Zeus, HQ and roleplay with some NPC's and it shows in the ops as you are doing so much at the time. If you let someone else main Zeus and you can be like "secondary Zeus" you can roleplay, give orders and the op won't suffer from downtime, as while you are doing that the main Zeus is doing stuff.

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