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Server Upgrade Could Waste Your Time.


Heya guys. Wanted to give you a heads up before you put a load of time, effort and possibly money into this server switch/upgrade.

Your current amount of ram is MORE than enough but I'd like to know what CPU the server is running and if that server is rented; Does it host other stuff at the same time for the company? Your problem very possibly lies elseware, perhaps in mod redundancies? Even if you are not using a mod in a mission but have it loaded it can and will still eat up resources especially when it comes to scripted stuff. The freezes we get when zeus does things makes me wonder if the server is equipped with an SSD. The ram usage of the server is baffling too which is why I still have my eyes on mod redundancies.

To give you an idea. With vanilla assets only, no mods a Dual Core (preferably Intel Skylake or later) with 8GB ram can host a 32 player server at 40-50 fps for the players with up to 300 AI in the mission. This eats up about 2-4gb of ram only. It's all about the IPC(instructions per clock) coupled with a high clock speed and Intel is still king here.

I would highly recommend sifting through the modset for any redundancies and getting rid of them before doing the legwork for a server switch.

Good luck. Whatever you do I hope it has the impact you want.



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