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Form submission: Enlistment Application

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Name: Chris McMahan

Date of Birth: 03/11/1995

Country: United States

Timezone: Mountain

Where did you hear about us?: Direct Message

What is your most preferred role?: Anything infantry related

How long have you been playing ArmA 3?: Since release

Have you been in any other units before?: Yes.

If yes, please list.: - 19th Orbital Drop Shock Battalion: 2nd Lt
-- Description: Within this unit, I rose through the ranks and quickly assumed command of an ODST Section as a SSgt. After this, I gained my certification in special operations/ force recon, gained a commission, and assumed command of a Reconnaissance Section. It was the job of my team to forward deploy ahead of the infantry elements and observe, report, and engage hostile targets. On top of this, I participated in the administration of the unit. For instance: Pre-planned operations, initiated intelligence reports and AARs, maintained all facets of the website, facilitated training, and more.

- 7th Shock Troops Battalion: Capt
-- Description: Within this unit, my primary duties entail: overall management of the unit and its functions, training of new members, formation of unit missions, etc..

- 2 PARA: SSgt
-- Description: After the 19th ODST disbanded, I laterally transferred to 2 PARA and assumed command of an infantry section as a SSgt. Active duties entailed training and ensuring effective fighting capability of the squad

- 2nd Marine Raider Battalion: Cpl
-- Description: Element Member - Primary duties entail performance in missions based on those likely performed by the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC)

- 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit: Cpl
-- Description: Fireteam Leader - Primary duties entail direction of a small force of Marine infantry, to include fireteam movements under the command of a squad leader.

Why do you think we should accept your application?: Feel my experience in both the mil-sim community, as well as active military could enhance skills.

Is there anything else about you you'd like us to know?: I am currently active duty, so my schedule shifts availability. Should be able to make most ops.

SteamID64: 76561198079643739

Are you able to attend operations on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm-11pm GMT?: Yes.

Can you speak fluent English?: Yes.

What part of the Armed Forces do you/have you served in?: USAF - 2d Lt: Current role as a Security Forces officer is the management of a 70 person/4 squad flight of combat-capable Airmen in a deployed-in-place environment.


Thank you for your application.
You have been
To continue the joining process, please check your private messages to confirm your interview date at your earliest convenience!

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539 Assault Squadron, (, is in no way associated with the real 539ASRM or the Royal Marines.

The 539 Assualt Squadron was founded in January 2015 and is based upon the British Royal Marines. We strive to be a realistic unit, operating properly in the field, while also aiming to have fun and create an enjoyable enviroment to shoot terrorists. We play missions against AI that are lead by the zeus which shapes dynamic, fresh and always challenging scenarios for the different sections and forces to enjoy.